Friday, March 20, 2020

Pick The Gender of Your Baby Review

Pick The Gender of Your Baby Review

Whether you are a first time parent or not, there has always been the natural curiosity regarding your baby’s gender. There isn’t anything wrong when it comes to wanting a specific gender; there are just parents who want to plan out the sequencing of their children’s gender, and luckily, means of achieving this has been made possible through technology. With the full extent and never-ending discovery of scientists when it comes to human nature and biology, today, picking the gender of your baby has made highly feasible.

Yes, state-of-the-art technology that is now widely available can make such thing from happening. If before, you could only rely on crossing your fingers for giving you a girl or a boy, today, all you have to do is to embark on accurate sex-selection methods and techniques invented by doctors and scientists.

Most Recognized Scientific Techniques

There are options available nowadays to cater the needs and requests of parents when it comes to conceiving the child they wanted to have. One of the most commonly known methods is the In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. This is a technique used for testing and assessing genetic orders and gender of embryos. During the initial introduction of this technique in the market, IVF is primarily utilized for the purpose of eliminating serious genetic disorders of babies. But with the further advancement today, IVF can also be used as a technique for sex-selection, also known as gender balancing. A promise of almost a hundred percent effectiveness is included in this method for parents who would like to try it.

Another option for picking the gender of your baby is the MicroSort. This method involves a dye process by which an attempt to segregate a boy-producing sperm to a girl-producing variety is done. The sperm of your desired baby’s gender would be placed into the uterus of the mother through the artificial insemination or AI. Though this method promises as high as 88 percent success, the rates are still dependent on each pregnancy and not per cycle.
The Ericsson is another noted scientific mechanism that aims to separate faster-swimming boy-producing sperm from the slower and girl-producing ones. It is almost similar with the MicroSort; the only difference is that the latter is newly introduced and costly as compared to Ericsson which can be comparatively cheaper and yet gives 78 to 85 percent success to the parents.

Other Alternative Home Techniques

Since this option is so inexpensive, it is extremely attractive, their effectiveness is highly questionable though. But to give you a quick view, here is a quick discussion on the alternative techniques for picking the gender of your baby.
The Whelan Method is probably one of the most used techniques when it comes to alternative home techniques for family planning as it is done through timed intercourse on specific days of the woman’s cycle. Though this method claims to have 68 percent effectiveness for choosing boys and 56 for girls, experts haven’t yet agreed on the success of it. However, there’s still the chance of conceiving the baby you want.

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